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  • Flight Simulator Engineering

  • Flight Training Devices

  • Avionics Test Equipment

  • Robotics, Electronics, and Software/Firmware Development

Incorporated in 1991 out of the aviation community’s need for cost effective commercial airline flight simulator engineering support, the group is headquartered in Washington State in the US.  In 2016 ASC incorporated a branch in Vancouver, Canada, and now operates out of both offices.

ASC consists of a team of highly experienced engineers and scientists with extensive experience in flight simulation, computer architecture, and electronics engineering and technology.  The ASC team focuses on software development, electronics development, and system integration for flight simulation applications.  Although prominent in aviation, ASC provides products and consulting services for various other industries.

Direct personal service, rapid response, and both international and domestic partners are a key element of ASC’s success and operating strategy.

“Since we are a small group, we need to compensate for that with rapid response and superior service.  Our partners are also on board and fully supportive of this objective.” says Ken Starko, director of ASC.

Products and Services:

The company’s main products include training devices and test equipment. Services available are avionics updates, simulator upgrades, and more.  However options are also available for purchasing ASC systems that are to be integrated by your team.  Flexibility is a valued part of our corporate strategy.

ASC has completed installations for:

  • American Airlines / USAirways / America West Airlines / Continental Airlines
  • Ansett Aviation Training
  • Atlas Air
  • Boeing Training / Alteon / FlightSafety Boeing Training
  • CAE Simuflite
  • CAE Training / CAE Training centers worldwide
  • Finnish Aviation Academy
  • FlightSafety International:  Training centers worldwide
  • FlightSafety Visual Systems
  • FSC B.V.
  • Zhuhai Xiang Yi Aviation Technology Company Ltd
  • FAA
  • FLEX BrazilFSC Training
  • Federal Express (FedEx)
  • Pan Am Flight Academy
  • SIMAero Training
  • and other flight training organizations worldwide.

The following is a matrix of projects that ASC has completed for simulator operators worldwide:

ASC Project Record

ASC is currently expanding its scope of development operations in all areas of flight simulation engineering.  Look for our new PC-based training devices and avionics test equipment to appear in the marketplace in the coming months.

ASC is located at:

Advanced Simulation Corporation
1385 Gulf Road, Suite 201
Point Roberts, WA 98281

ASC Simulation Corporation
4460 W. 7th Ave, Suite B
Vancouver, BC V6R-1W9

Tel: 1-360-927-5010

email: advsim@advsim.com

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