UPRT for flight simulators

ASC provides software integration for UPRT system providers.  The scope of work varies depending on which system is to be installed and ASC is equipped and qualified to support all of the UPRT options.

Some UPRT system installations require expertise with aerodynamics and flight dynamics modeling as well as simulator interfacing (Ethernet or other).  For example, the Stallbox requires calculation of aerodynamic coefficients to be done in the “Stallbox”, which is a PC dedicated to calculating aerodynamics coefficients.  Inputs to the aerodynamics model are sent to the Stallbox via Ethernet.  Every simulator iteration, the aero coefficients are returned to the simulator and are used by the simulator flight dynamics equations.  To maintain the integrity of the simulation models, it is critical that these coefficients are incorporated into the flight models at the correct location in the software.  Misplaced insertion of the calculated coefficients likely would have adverse effects on the simulator handling qualities and QTG results.

For reference, links to some prominent UPRT providers are given:

Stallbox:   Bihrle Applied Research Inc.

IDT UPRight Tablet:  IDT Engineering

ASC provides complete integration solutions for all UPRT systems including QTG package additions and updates, IOS page updates, full software integration, and certification support.

Please contact ASC should you have any questions about UPRT system integration.