Training Devices

ASC provides part task trainers for specialized aviation training applications.

PC TCAS Training System

The ASC PC TCAS trainer is a complete TCAS LRU simulation linked with an elaborate and FAA certifiable PC based flight simulator.  The system is delivered with array of TCAS training scenarios along with a PC screen IVSI that presents TCAS TA/RA information, intruder position, and vertical speed information to the users.

The ASC PC TCAS system is currently in use at Cranfield University and at multiple rotary wing aircraft operators’ facilities in the U.K.

PC FMS Training System

ASC provides part task training devices for the Garmin 4xx and 5xx series GNS devices, and also for the Universal Avionics USN1-x series Flight Management Systems.

Maintenance Training Devices

ASC has developed a simulated aircraft IO infrastructure that lends itself to implementation in maintenance training devices and technical education platforms.  In keeping with the ASC ideology, such devices are delivered with COTS hardware that connects to ASC interface hardware via Ethernet.  The choice of using Ethernet in these applications has proven to be very effective as it is the most popular medium for high speed data transfer.  Ease of access of all control signals on the aircraft communication buses is the basis of simulating aircraft systems faults.

Contact ASC for further information about the TCAS training system, PC-based FMS/GNS part task training devices, or maintenance training tools.

Astrom Training : Aviation Training Solutions

Astrom Training provides an expansive suite of aviation training software including AR/VR SOP Trainers and much more.

Visit the website of Astrom Training.

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