Flight Simulator Updates

Engineering Experience and Expertise

Advanced Simulation Corporation (ASC) consists of highly experienced flight simulation engineers, scientists, and technical staff.   ASC has been providing innovative and cost effective technical solutions to the flight training industry for over 20 years.

ASC provides the services of avionics updates, flight simulator updates and upgrades, and its main products include flight simulation training devices (PTTs) and industry related test equipment.  All products and services delivered are of the highest quality as expected by the flight training industry.

  • Flight Simulator Updates and Upgrades
  • Flight Simulator Software and Hardware Integration
  • IOS upgrades, IOS CRT replacement, Emerald Panel replacement
  • Flight Training Devices
  • Avionics Test Equipment
  • Electronics, and Software/Firmware Development

Options are also available for purchasing ASC systems that are to be integrated by your team. Flexibility is valued part of our corporate strategy.


3 thoughts on “Flight Simulator Updates

  1. Hello, I’m ENI from Korea. I would like to inquire if it is possible to proceed with the repair for the following items:

    GENIO-2 Board.

    • Hello M. Lee,

      Very sorry for the late reply, but yes, we can try to repair that board. Have you done any troubleshooting for this problem at all?
      We have a pure hardware alternative (card) that you can plug in exactly where the Genio plugs in. So you can at least be able to change EGPWS customer options manually if necessary.
      If you wish to continue this discussion, please do so via email.
      Thank you.
      Ken Starko

  2. Hello,

    I’m Joshua Portlock, The CTO and Co Founder of Electro.Aero based in Western Australia.

    We were the world’s first commercial operator of electric aircraft, beginning in 2018. We set multiple world records for the operation of production electric aircraft.Our team includes pilots, engineers and designers across multiple specialties, with an emphasis on electrical and software engineering. Our co-founders have extensive technical and operational backgrounds in both manned and unmanned aviation. We are the only company in the world dedicated solely to aircraft charging. We are currently expanding our establishment to cover both commercial and private jets services both in North America and Australia.

    We want to make inquiries on your aviation products listed on your websites, We request that you send us your current product catalog/brochure and price list for our study, and perhaps send you the detailed order and specifications.

    Thank you as we await your kind response.


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