WAAS and SBAS Updates for FMS and GNS Systems

are very popular for flight simulators these days…


ASC has been busy installing many such systems around the globe.  The following lists represent the FMS or GNS type, and also the aircraft types of the simulators that have been successfully modified:

Proline 21 Version 4 – WAAS:

  • Beech Premier-1A
  • King Air C90GTi
  • King Air B200GT

Garmin GNS-400w

  • King Air B200

Garmin GNS-530

  • Sikorsky S76A
  • Sikorsky S76B
  • Sikorsky S76C

Universal UNS-1F FMS/GPS

  • Dash8-100/200/300

Dual Universal UNS-1C FMS

  • Dash 8 Q400
  • Cessna Citation V


  • ATR-42/72

HT-9100 and TNL-8100 FMS systems:

  • 727-200
  • DC-10
  • MD-80/82

These installations have been completed for many airline and flight training institute customers and on several different simulator brands.

  • FSI host computer: Windows NT RTX
  • FSI host computer: Harris Nighthawk.
  • FSI Host computer Concurrent.
  • FSI host computer: PDP-11 upgraded to PC Osprey with Win NT.
  • CAE host computer IBM.
  • CAE host computer VAX.
  • CAE host computer VME.
  • CAE host computer Encore, SEL 32-67/77/97
  • Reflectone¬† host computer: Harris upgraded to PC with Lynx OS.
  • Link host computer PDP-11.

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