TAWS: Terrain Awareness and Warning System

EGPWS: Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System

TAWS installations by ASC are typically integrated with existing simulator hardware with no extra I/O devices (like PCs) required. Installations are performed with a minimum of simulator down time (5 – 8 hours/night), and the operator’s training schedule is not impacted.
Recent TAWS Installations by ASC:
ASC has successfully completed a variety of TAWS installations on simulators of many aircraft types and different generations of devices built by different manufacturers.  The follow systems are representative of ASC’s installations that have been carried out all over the world.
TAWS Types:
  • EGPWS    Mk V,   Mk VII,   Mk VI,   Mk VIII
  • ACSS      T2CAS

Aircraft Simulator Types:

  • Boeing 737 Classic,  737 NG,  747-400,  757-200,  767-300,  777-200
  • Airbus A320, A300
  • DH Dash8-100,  Dash8-200,  Dash8-300, Q-400
  • ATR-42, ATR-72
  • Falcon 50, Falcon 900
  • Fokker 100
  • Embraer 120
  • Challenger 601
  • Saab 340
  • Lear 31A
  • Dornier 328
Simulators Manufactured by:
  • CAE Electronics
  • FlightSafety International
  • Rediffusion Simulation
  • Thales Training & Simulation
  • Singer Link, Link Miles Simulation
Host Computer Complex:
  • IBM RISC 6000 series
  • VAX 780, 785, 4000, 6000
  • Gould/SEL/Encore 32/67, 32/77, 32/97, MultiSEL
  • Perkin Elmer / Concurrent 3280, 3285
  • Harris NightHawk, PoweHawk
  • PC (Linux), PC (NT)
  • PDP-11,  PDP-11 with Osprey board
Customers and Installation Locations:
  • FlightSafety International – Paris, Seattle, Houston, St. Louis, Atlanta, Montreal, Melbourne Australia
  • CAE Trainging – Zhuhai China, Brussels, Maastricht, Santiago Chile
  • FSC Training – Amsterdam
  • America West Airlines (USAirways) – Phoenix
  • Alteon Training – Miami
  • FlightSafety Boeing Training International – Seattle
The Honeywell EGPWS was installed on many of the above simulators. A high degree of customer option and aircraft type flexibility, selectable from IOS, was required to accommodate the daily training use of the simulators by many different airline customers.  The ASC GENIO is capable of rapidly selecting from hundreds of thousands of possible EGPWS configuration settings via remote connections (IOS, PC, etc).

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