Multi-Channel WxR Simulation Details

Multi-Channel WxR System details

ASC provides turn-key multi-channel WxR systems that simulators may install in their devices. The system is a stand alone PC that reads standard EFIS and/or WxR control panel ARINC 429 buses. Aircraft and WX data is received from the host computer via either Ethernet, RS232, HSD, or whatever means available and ARINC 708 picture buses are formatted accordingly.

The operator should specify the number of required WxR channels.

All standard modes:

  • range control
  • gain control
  • antenna stabilization
  • antenna tilt
  • turbulence detection
  • standby mode
  • test mode
  • map mode
  • turb mode
  • target alert mode
  • react mode
  • EGPWS integration

are available depending on the requirements of the target device.

Storm scenario imagery may be generated by users in the form of JPG bitmaps. These storm cells may be programmed at the IOS to change position, magnitude, and angle, and also may feedback WX information back to the host computer (visual and turbulence data).

Other data formats and control bus options are also available (Example Honeywell WI-660 cockpit display unit with SCI control bus).

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